Digital Contract Management with roXtra

Keep an overview of your contracts and files, terms and notice periods.

Manage contracts reliably

How many savings would you have annually if you would regularly renegotiate contracts or always terminate them on time?
Contract management and contract administration are complex and important tasks which save your company money and resources. However, the processing and archiving of individual contracts often takes place exclusively in the appropriate departments. As a result, important contract information – including terms, deadlines and costs – might not be available to all responsible employees. This lack of transparency can lead to conflicts and complications and in the worst case to unnecessary, high costs.

roXtra takes Contract Management to a whole new level and supports you in the structured, reliable and digital administration of your contracts: From contract entry and deadline monitoring to audit-proof archiving. For each contract you can define all important metadata such as contract type, contract partner and number. Corresponding financial flows can be easily maintained and displayed continuously: e.g. roXtra shows you which costs you will incur for a contract over the entire term. In reports you can display statistics on all contract documents in roXtra. In this way you always have all deadlines and costs in view, you can react flexibly and have quick access to any contract in the current version including attachements.

Easy maintenance and quick access:
The features at a glance

With roXtra you can always react in due time before the end of the contract term or the notice period.

You missed the notice period or the contract extension? With roXtra you can set up various reminders for every contract. This gives you the assurance that you will be reminded automatically by the system in good time before the end of any terms or of any notice period – and that you can act as required. This ensures you reliability in contract controlling! Whether a contract expires, a contract extension or a cancellation period is upcoming – roXtra Contract Management informs the responsible employees in time in the system as well as by e-mail and thus protects you from unnecessary risks and costs. You can explicitly specify the cycle in which the reminders should appear and to which responsible persons these should be addressed to.

  Automatic reminders about deadlines and tasks
  Protection from unnecessary risks and costs
  Shorter throughput times thanks to a professional contract management system

roXtra enables you to see at a glance which contracts exist on which topics.

Transparency in contract management is the key! This becomes particularly clear when an employee is looking for a contract but cannot find it because it is stored locally on another employee’s PC or only as a paper file. This results in unnecessary costs in time and money.
The contract management software from roXtra offers the solution by providing central storage of all contracts, files and the associated attachements as well as a clear search and sort function. roXtra is a web-based system, thus all responsible employees have access to the contracts and files at any time – independent of location (e.g. also from the home office) as well as department- or company-wide. If a document needs to be revised, this can be done via check and approval workflows in line with compliance requirements.

Recorded, compliance-compliant document control and archiving  
Location-independent and easy access to active contractual relationships  

roXtra shows you which costs you will incur through which contract.

You can save all the important metadata for each contract, such as the contract type, contractual partner and contract number. In addition, the relevant financial operations can be updated and continuously displayed. For example, you can show which costs you will incur in relation to a contract over the entire term. In general reports, you can output statistics on all contractual documents in roXtra. On the basis of the evaluations, you can implement strategic decisions in a targeted manner, sustainably optimize your processes and thus increase your transparency and efficiency at the same time.

  Revealing optimization potential by reports
  Greater transparency and more efficient work

Clear responsibilities guarantee the security and integrity of your contractual data.

Contracts often contain sensitive information which is only intended for the relevant responsible parties – for example, the human resources department or the management. Via roXtra rights management, you can explicitly determine who has access to which contractual documents. You can precisely define which actions are available for each user. Furthermore, individual action options can be clearly defined for each user. Of course, your employees always access the latest approved version of a contract.

Explicit rights ensure your contract management is reliable  
Your employees always have access to the latest approved version of a contract  

“Since Kotányi is internationally involved, contracts exist in a number of different languages and in many different countries. We were tasked to collect these contracts in a central location and to provide an overview of terms and conditions. Using the task and reminder function means that it is now virtually impossible to forget contract extensions or even cancellations. We have been able to significantly improve both, process reliability and data quality by using roXtra contract management.”

Thomas Schlechta
Quality Manager at Kotányi GmbH

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