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[**Arrange presentation appointment now** ➡️](https://www.roxtra.com/online-praesentation)

Successful together.

Our partners

In our work, we cooperate closely with experts from a wide range of application areas and complement our range of innovative software solutions and services for you. Our common goal is to provide individually tailored and fully comprehensive concepts for the success of your business.

Cooperation partner inworks

Inworks GmbH

Inworks, like Roxtra, is one of the leading QM software providers in the German-speaking region. Together we offer you a modular complete solution for all concerns around the topic of quality management. The roXtra Document Workflow can be supplemented by various modules of the Intrafox software. These include complaint, reclamation, action, audit, idea, and risk management. For clinics, Intrafox Health Care additionally offers the modules CIRS and claims management.

Cooperation partner Qualidata

Qualidata GmbH

As a specialist in vocational rehabilitation and in the vocational, school and political education sectors, Qualidata GmbH delivers a range of benchmarking and quality management services.
Qualidata GmbH has been conducting surveys in companies in social economy organizations and in the health care and education sectors for several years. It then benchmarks the results on the basis of internal benchmarking circles.

Qualidata GmbH has also been a successful player in the area of quality management over the years. Since 2006, Qualidata GmbH has acted as a liaison office in supporting a community of quality among education companies that are located throughout Germany. Qualidata GmbH also advises and supports individual companies in implementing quality management systems that comply with DIN EN ISO 9001 and/or the Regulation on the Accreditation and Approval for Employment Promotion (Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung, AZAV).

Qualidata GmbH is a subsidiary of xit GmbH forschen. planen. beraten. and has its headquarters in Nuremberg.

Cooperation partner Bertelmann Hacker

Bertelmann & Hacker KG

Bertelmann & Hacker KG from Flensburg is a specialist for the introduction of management systems (among others according to DIN EN ISO 9001) and accompanies companies and organisations in the sectors social economy, education as well as supply and disposal in the maintenance of the systems. In doing so, Bertelmann & Hacker KG repeatedly falls back on Roxtra products.

Cooperation partner Kontor Group


The German word for „quality“ (Qualität) includes the word „Qual“ (ordeal) and the word „tät“ (which, with some imagination, could be seen as deriving from the verb „to do“). Doing, by its very definition, involves action. And this is precisely where the real roots of quality lie: tackling the issue – with a plan, system and know-how. In addition to a plan, however, doing also requires a strategy that ensures the implementation of the plan, even (and especially) when something doesn’t or can’t go according to plan.

Our seminars, workshops and training courses are therefore bridge builders that shine a light on new pathways. Holistic and always transparent. Real life experience for real life. Fascinating presentations, practical examples, practice-related seminar documents and lively exchanges are the means by which we support you in keeping your focus on maintaining your performance.

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