roXtra Process Designer for intuitive process modelling

Design and model your processes, organization charts,
flow charts and much more.

Process visualization

Clearly defined processes are the key to success for every company: They create transparency of internal structures, procedures and responsibilities and thus lay the foundation for continuous optimization and compliance with quality standards. There are various possibilities for the mapping of company processes. One of them is the digital design of so-called process models – for example with the help of process modeling software. The visualization of operational processes and organigrams supports the structuring and organization and makes information accessible to all participants. The concise illustration provides information about all steps, responsibilities, tasks and decisions arising within a specific process and shows the connections between the individual processes.

Identify the potential that can be realized by a professional presentation of your business processes! Whether process map, flow charts, turtle diagrams or process flows – with the roXtra Process Designer the modelling is very easy due to the intuitive and user-friendly operation. Additionally, templates for different representations are available and you can also link related contents and documents from the roXtra Document Workflow or directly fill in forms via roXtra Electronic Forms. Thus you will succeed in audits with a seamless, networked process landscape.

Realize your process ideas:
The features at a glance

Intuitive design of flowcharts, organization charts, mind maps and more.

To present your processes clearly and transparently, you can choose from various styles, shapes and colors. For different basic formats such as flow charts, process workflows, organigrams and mindmaps, you can access special templates in the roXtra Process Designer, which already provide the basic structure. This allows you to model your business processes with a low training effort.

  Design your processes freely and directly in roXtra
  Interfaces for easy data exchange
  Templates for various process displays make your work easier

Integrate documents and information from roXtra into your process landscape.

Link the related forms and documents from your roXtra documentation directly in the individual process steps. roXtra fields can also be integrated into the processes and are automatically updated as database fields. Additionally, you can also link to external content.

You can integrate and link documents, roXtra fields and objects  
Linking of external contents possible  

You can work independently of Visio or other locally installed programs.

Your employees can create processes directly in roXtra and run them through a check and approval workflow. No other local programs, e.g. MS Visio, are needed. Thanks to web-based access, the Process Designer can be used at any time and at any location. Thus you are completely independent of locally installed applications.

  Use of existing workflows for management
  Track old revision levels at any time
  Location-independent access
  The alternative to MS Visio

With the automatic PDF view you always have access to the current version of a process.

The PDF view of your Process Designer files is generated directly in your browser. This allows you easy and reliable access at all times and ensures that your employees always have access to the latest approved version of a process. Therefore, your process management is perfectly integrated into your standard-compliant documentation.

Automatic PDF Conversion and Browser View  
Your employees always have access to the latest approved version of a process  

“With the roXtra Process Designer, I can quickly and simply model visually demanding and precisely aligned process landscapes, process flows and turtle diagrams. What surprised me the most – in a good way – after many years of using other visualization programs, was the intuitive handling.”

Frauke Husband-Garves
Project Leader Management Systems, Energy, Quality and Environmental Auditor
at cp-energie GmbH

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