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Automatic processes and instances

Electronic forms are a process management tool for effective structuring, digitalisation and automation of business processes. Unreadable, hand-filled paper forms and inefficient process management are now a thing of the past. With digital forms, you can automate the information and task flow in your teams across company locations, optimize and accelerate your business processes, thus increase quality and efficiency and simultaneously reduce your costs.

The tendency towards a mobile workstation (home office) and thus towards decentralized working is increasing. In this context, the “paperless office” is also becoming more and more important. Especially the communication and exchange between home office employees and office workers still challenges many companies. Particularly when, for example, important forms have to be filled out and made available to other employees without delay. This is where roXtra supports you:

The process management tool Electronic Forms allows you to easily create, manage and control digital forms in roXtra as well as link them with related content and documents from the roXtra Document Workflow. The module supports the intuitive creation of electronic input masks with form fields (e.g. checklists and drop-down fields) and the automation of already existing office forms. Additionally, a wide range of process templates is available for recurring processes such as complaints, CIPs, approvals and release processes, which you can adapt as required in terms of content and form. Thus, you can quickly and conveniently digitalize your business processes and automate workflows.

Behind every electronic form there is a separate process. Using BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), the default notation for modeling business processes, it is easy and intuitive to model processes graphically and create electronic forms. Defined, logical rules and responsibilities for individual activities and tasks of a process as well as automatic notifications create transparency for all those involved in the process.

Less effort, more productivity:
The features at a glance

Create input masks for your employees and automate existing office forms.

Your employees can fill out the forms directly in roXtra and forward them for further processing, approval or release – with just one click and without media discontinuity. The structure of the electronic forms can be varied dynamically via dependencies and inputs. You can create individual input masks with form fields – for example checklists, drop-down fields or option buttons – define the corresponding roles and responsibilities and automate notifications to involved employees.

  QM: CIP, CAPA, complaints, change management, 8D report etc.
  HR: Onboarding, travel expense accounting, application for leave, training request etc.
  Others: Internal purchasing, validation documentation, cleaning protocols etc.

Design your business processes flexibly and digitally and structure your instances.

Create your processes via the simple express table or with graphical modeling (BPMN 2.0). Set up rules and determine responsibilities and roles in the process. You can define the tasks in the individual activities and create input options for your employees. All common graphical elements and symbols of BPMN 2.0 are available for this purpose: From swimlanes to various flow objects (e.g. events, activities or gateways), the connections between objects up to artifacts (model objects that represent additional and supplementary information). Of course, we are happy to support and train you in modelling your individual processes.

Process modelling on the basis of BPMN 2.0  
No programming necessary  
User management with intuitive and dynamic role concept  

Always keep an overview of your processes and tasks.

In the cockpit and in clearly arranged dashboards you can see at any time the current status of a process. Deadlines, task management and colored markings support you with structuring. All activities and comments in the procedures are archived by the system in a traceable manner. Evaluations and heat maps allow you to identify bottlenecks and weak points and optimize your processes.

  Graphical reports, dashboards and performance indicators
  Task management with deadlines
  Audit trail and traceability

Elektronic Forms support more efficient teamwork.

roXtra becomes the central turntable for your processes. Everything that belongs to a process is in one place. All participants in the process can use the comment function to collaborate on the activity and provide feedback. Invite other employees to join your processes and keep them informed.

Clear assignment of tasks and activities  
Overview of the entire communication
Transparent and successful teamwork  

The interface connection enables cross-system work.

Start processes from other applications or web forms and outsource recurring and complex process parts to sub-processes. Transfer process data or attached files. Use timer events and decisions to control your processes and define business rules for automatic decision making.

  Connection to external systems via interfaces
  Import documents and data

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