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Control and manage your documents with individual workflows for all standards and regulations.

All-in-one qm documentation

Document workflow means continuous updating, evaluation and targeted distribution of documented information within a company. The purpose of a standard-compliant and audit-proof documentation, is the verification of compliance and fulfillment of specified requirements. In addition, diligent documentation contributes to more transparency and continuous improvement of processes within your company. Particularly certified companies – e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 9001 or other standards – have a large number of documents that need to be controlled and managed. This usually leads to a considerable administrative effort. With paper-based and manual methods, companies quickly reach their limits.

This is where roXtra comes in! Benefit from the user-friendly and intuitive interface and an individual document workflow with clear and transparent release and steering processes as well as from the automatic and audit-proof versioning and archiving of your QM documents. The quick and integrated full-text search allows you to see where each document is located at any time. With roXtra the control throughout the entire document lifecycle for all standards and requirements (e.g. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 as well as in the GxP-regulated environment) is made easy.

Fight the paper chaos and make a sustainable contribution to the success of your company with the digital roXtra Document Workflow!

Much more than just document workflow:
The features at a glance

Manage your knowledge in a central location.

In today’s information society, employees often spend up to 20 percent of their entire working time on searching for information. On average, paper documents are copied, forwarded and archived about five times. This not only causes a lot of costs, but also contributes to one of the most common reasons for dissatisfaction at the workplace: Lack of information. This is where the roXtra document workflow system can easily help. Manage all important company documents – and therefore existing knowledge and information – in a central location. As roXtra is a web-based application, you and your employees have location-independent access to all relevant documents (e.g. the QM manual) at any time. Various interfaces allow a fast and reliable data exchange.

  Location-independent access to all QM documents
  Interfaces for easy data exchange
  Standardized design due to format templates

Document lifecycle with individual workflows.

In addition to document management, roXtra also enables you to regulate your documents according to standards. An automated release and steering process (document workflow) allows you to determine how a document is guided through your company and allows you to assign different roles to your employees – e.g. editor, reviewer or release. You can individually determine which document type should follow which workflow: For example, a process instruction follows a different workflow than a form or a checklist. The document workflows are freely configurable to meet your needs and requirements – in accordance with all standards and regulations.

Incoming tasks are automatically generated by roXtra and distributed to the responsible employees. To check the validity of your documents, you can store appropriate resubmissions. Thus, your documents are always up to date. While active documents are being revised, roXtra still shows the readers the current revision level. Drafts cannot be viewed by recipients and readers, therefore only the released documents (e.g. work instructions) are available in the operative environment.

Document editing in a familiar environment (e.g. MS Office)  
All work steps are documented according to standards  
Individually configurable document workflows
Only released and current documents are visible to readers  

roXtra takes care of the automatic, standard-compliant archiving and revision of your documents.

With roXtra Document Workflow you can ensure – at any time – that all employees work with the current version of a document. While active documents are being revised, roXtra still shows the readers the current revision level. Drafts cannot be viewed by recipients and readers, therefore only the released documents (e.g. work instructions) are available in the operative environment. Thus, an accidental use of obsolete documents is prevented. By means of the automatic assignment of revision numbers roXtra ensures a complete and easily traceable QM documentation. Additionally, you can compare two different revisions in a comparison view.

  Automatic archiving and revision
  Obsolete revision levels and changes can be tracked at any time
  Reliability in certifications

System-wide and efficient user management.

The user and rights management of web-based software is often one of the most error-prone processes. The faster a company and its IT landscape grows, the more difficult it becomes to manage users. The system-wide and efficient user management in roXtra allows you to easily define individual rights and to keep an overview at all times. Especially for systems with a large number of users, the interface connections to different identity providers – including Active Directory, Azure AD or Okta – enable convenient transfer and maintenance of user master data from other systems. Define all access, editing and release rights in roXtra individually and organize your users by areas or different groups (e.g. by departments etc.).

Detailed assignment of rights on group and person level  
Concise rights matrix  
Connection to various identity providers (e.g. Active Directory, Azure AD, Okta) possible  

Find QM documents in roXtra as fast and easy as information on the internet.

Due to the fast, integrated full-text search, every employee can immediately find exactly the document he is looking for and which he requires. roXtra searches both, the metadata and the contents of the documents to which the employee has access rights. Simply enter one or more terms in the search line and roXtra will show you the results. Using the “Advanced search” you can refine your results even more and save the search settings in form of a template and thus make them accessible for further employees.

  Integrated full-text and field search for quick location of relevant documents
  Arrangement in a concise, hierarchical tree structure
  Easy handling

Distribute relevant documents quickly and reliably.

Once you have released a document after editing, you can inform all appropriate employees about the changes. You can also immediately distribute documents to specific recipients – for example, to new employees who have just joined the company – at any time. These employees automatically receive a reading task in roXtra and by e-mail. Once the recipient has taken note of the document, he or she can complete this with a documented reading confirmation. In this way you can always trace which recipient has read the document. As an alternative to a mere reading confirmation by entering a password, an extended reading confirmation including a multiple choice test, which must be answered correctly, can be used. This ensures that employees have read and understood the document properly.

Automatic notification by e-mail
Documentation of all confirmations of receipt
Extended reading confirmation by multiple choice tests

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