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The Software for your digital Quality Management

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The Software for your digital Quality Management

Modular software solutions for a wide-ranging QM system

Document Workflow

Standard-compliant document management with roXtra: Control and manage your quality management doc-uments according to standards, in freely definable workflows, distribute tasks efficiently, visualise your process landscape and optimize your teamwork.

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Structure to your processes: Digitize your business processes, automate existing Office documents and create electronic forms - across departments and locations.

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Manage and archive your contract documents in a compliance-compliant manner in roXtra and always keep track of your contracts, all costs incurred, notice periods and terms.

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Risk Management

Comprehensive, digital risk monitoring: Identify and analyze risks at an early stage, monitor them in accordance with standards, and create and link appropriate measures.

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Compliance with quality management requirements and the successful implementation of certifications and audits are usually a major challenge for companies. With normal Office programs or even analogue methods - classically with paper and pencil - the fulfilment of all requirements for guided and revised documentation, documented processes, verifiable changes and the "knowledge of the organisation" is a truly mammoth task and quickly brings the quality management representative (QMB) to his limits. The QM software roXtra provides a remedy for this and supports you in making your projects from the various task areas of quality management more effective, more secure and more economical.

roXtra is one of the leading and comprehensive software solutions for your digital quality management system. From standard-compliant document control for all sets of rules and standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485, KTQ, etc.), simple process modeling based on BPMN 2.0 and automated processes and process management to software validation for GxP-regulated companies: With its individually configurable QM tools and solutions, roXtra adapts optimally to your requirements and needs - for SMEs as well as for internationally active companies from a wide range of industries. Thanks to the web-based, location-independent access, you can also work from anywhere: Whether in the home office, in the office or on a business trip.

Furthermore, in addition to ISO 9001, roXtra also enables the implementation of many other management systems as well as the transparent implementation of a comprehensive integrated management system (IMS) . The software links areas such as quality management, environmental management (ISO 14001), energy management (ISO 50001) or occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) and supports you in the implementation of requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and compliance guidelines.

Functions and benefits of the QM software roXtra

Configurable document workflow

Configurable document workflow

Create electronic QM manual

Supports all standards & regulations

Centralized data storage

Secure, web-based access

Simple, intuitive operation

Fast, practical full text search

Simple and flexible assignment of rights

Clever task management

Transparent, collaborative teamwork


ISO 9001:2015 requires complete documentation and control of information. For this reason, the creation and maintenance of Quality Management documentation is one of the most important tasks and functions of a QM software.

roXtra supports you in the development of a digital QM manual and in the standard-compliant management of your documents throughout their entire lifecycle – from creation to revision, on to distribution to the appropriate persons or groups, and finally to archiving.

This means that documents and all revisions can be clearly traced during upcoming audits and certifications, and nothing stands in the way of your successful ISO certification!


In addition to a seamless document workflow, ISO 9001:2015 also prescribes a process-oriented approach. In order to be able to guarantee consistent quality, the existing company processes must be recorded, depicted and documented.

With roXtra, the digitalization and automatic execution of business processes are made easy: With the possibility of process modelling – based on BPMN 2.0 – roXtra supports you in representing processes clearly and concisely and forms can also be filled out and edited in a paperless manner.

This allows a wide variety of processes to be digitalized (e.g. orders, CAPA, CIP, measures, applications for leave and much more).


The success of Quality Management depends to a large extent on precise planning. Economic aspects must also be considered. After all, without clearly defined goals, quality cannot be maintained in the long term.

QM planning is a continuous process in which rules for quality inspection as well as approaches and measures for quality improvement are continuously analysed and updated.

roXtra supports you in planning by establishing and defining processes, task areas and responsibilities as well as by a complete documentation of all quality assurance measures. Thus you can derive a clean process plan for your company.


In addition to planning, the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is also an important component of QM. DIN EN ISO 9000 defines continuous improvement as one of the seven principles of Quality Management. It is used to uncover potential for improvement in processes or products and to develop plans for the appropriate implementation.

The CIP is never completed but is applied cyclically. The method is based on the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act): the observation of processes, the analysis of bottlenecks and finally the development of solutions for improvement and optimization.

roXtra helps you to identify possible weak points, to improve existing processes and to introduce these improvements as a standardized way of working company-wide.

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